8 A Side Competition
  = Through to next round A = Awarded game - no show
    C = Cancelled or Conceded game
    P = Postponed game
  Primary 8s - First Round (1)
Thursday 26th April
  1 Lord Kitchener v Curbridge Griffins
  2 Carpenters Cockerels v Carterton Social
  3 Rowing Machine v Jockey Club
  4 BYE v Athletico Talbot
  5 BYE v Griffins
  6 BYE v Duck Sports
  7 BYE v Bell B
  8 BYE v Three Pigeons
  9 BYE v Sporty Rejects
  10 BYE v Morris Marauders
  11 BYE v White Hart ML A
  12 BYE v Romany
  13 BYE v Morris Clowns
  14 BYE v Jolly Sportsman
  15 BYE v Fox Barrington
  16 BYE v Ducks
  Secondary 8s - First Round (1)
Thursday 26th April
  1 Talbot's Alternates v Clangers
  2 Carterton FC v Shoeless Romany
  3 Troutlets v Fox Leafield
  4 Carpenters Veterans v Witney Snooker Club
  5 Rose & Crown v Windrush Club
  6 Minster Lovell SSC v Chequers
  7 Bell A v West Witney SSC
  8 Touchliners v Morris Midgets
  9 Eynsham SSC v Kitcheners
  10 The Vic C Beehive Drifters
  11 Cross Keys v Nomads
  12 Morris Minors v Talbot Bampton
  13 BYE v Carpenters Dogs
  14 BYE v Pheasant Pluckers
  15 BYE v Trout
  16 BYE v Beehive
  Tertiary 8s - First Round
Thursday 26th Aprill
  1 Windrush Inn
v Red Lion B
  2 Bell Langford C Pink Every Time
  3 White Hart ML B C Romany Beginners
  4 Foxy Ladies v Wombles
  5 Here For The Beer A Hailey's Last Stand
  6 Masonic Chuckers C Carps A
  7 Griffindors A Lamb & Flag B
  8 Bampton Utd v Carpenters Specials