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Section B teams - Fox Barrington
18th May 2018
Regrettably, Fox Barrington have informed us that they unable to raise sufficient players to commit to the current season and have therefore asked to stand down.
Unfortunately this will result in a BYE in section B.
We thank them for their past commitment and hospitality and hope that, in the future, a new team may rise from the ashes.
No games having been played, no score corrections are necessary.The appropriate tweaks have been made and a new Fixtures list (v3) is available for download if required.
Section E teams - Access to Carterton Football Club
13th May 2018
Anyone due to visit Carterton FC needs to be aware of a permanent road closure and consequent detour. Click here for details.
Section F - New team - Woodies
18th Apr 2018
We're pleased to announce that a new team has been registered today in section F - the 'Woodies', from The Woodman North Leigh.
We welcome them to the Bampton League and wish them an enjoyable season.
A new Fixtures list has been uploaded (v2) and is available for download from the 'Documents' page.
Will all Section F teams please update their Fixtures.
League Sections, Fixtures, 8 A Side
11th Apr 2018
Sections were set and Fixtures created at last night's Committee meeting and can be viewed/downloaded from the 'League' or 'Documents' links.
The first round of the 8 A Side heats was drawn and can be viewed/downloaded from the 'Competitions' or 'Documents' links.
We've omitted teams that we know about, but if you've been drawn and you subsequently decide to opt out, please let your opponent know IMMEDIATELY, then us.
AGM News
10th Apr 2018
A successful AGM was held on Friday April 6th with an increased attendance; 22 teams being represented.
Key issues for this year are :-
Cancelled Games:
Unplayed games must be completed by the last league match date (6th September) (Rule change)
New Competition:
A new competition will be trialled this year - called the 'Sub 5 Singles Cup'. This is open to all players whose doll average last year was 5.0 or less and played 6 games or more.
A trophy, 'Winner' and 'Runner-up' medals will be issued subject to adequate response.
The heats will take place on Sunday August 12th. More details when we have a better feel for numbers.
Applications are via email or telephone for this year and the closing date is July 1st. Spread the word and get those entries in.
An additional rule has been created to define the entry criteria.See 'Rules'
To read the 2018 AGM minutes in full, Click Here.
Data Protection changes
16th Mar 2018
On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This will affect the way that data is held on individuals. For companies and large organisations the
compliance procedures are well documented, but for small 'social clubs' like us, not quite so easy to determine.
However, at this stage, we're taking some proactive steps.
The web site has been upgraded to a protection system similar to those you'd see when say making a purchase on-line. The page address now begins 'https://' rather than 'http://
The extra 's' and the green padlock are symbols of added security.
The only personal data we collect is :-
  • Player names - in order to be able to display team and individual scores.
  • Team captain's name, tel and email for communication purposes.
Historically we've asked permission to publish the latter so that you can contact each other. (Attempting contact via the venue/pub is rarely effective).
Now we're going to ask permission do that at each annual team registration.
The registration form will be modified shortly and any team who has already registered will receive an email requesting permission to display their details (which is currently suppressed).
Next year, all permissions will be gathered via the registration form.
It may ultimately prove necessary to have a password protected page for team captain contacts.
Our Data Policy document can be accessed via the 'Downloads' page, or by clicking here
Pre AGM News + FEES!
24th Feb 2018
The web site is open for registration until 9th April, but be aware that we may cap numbers to avoid excessive byes, so register early.
This year's AGM will be slightly later than usual - Friday April 6th - owing to extensive refurbishment of Bampton Village Hall.
Fees this year remain at £45 per team, with a £5 discount if payed before the AGM.
Due to declining support, the Landlords Cup is being mothballed this year and a NEW COMPETITION will be unveiled at the AGM.
Further information is available in the Pre-AGM newsletter which can be downloaded from the 'Documents' page or by clicking here.
Also uploaded are this years 'Key Dates'. Competition start times have been added for your covenience.