Sub 5 Singles    
This is a new competition launched in 2018, open to players of either gender whose doll average was
5 or less AND  participated in at least 6 games.
Entry application is by phone or email this year as a trial - Closing date for entries is 01/07.was
  Heats  Sunday August 12th
8:00pm start  
(Matches drawn on the night)
Graeme Woodward Geoff Butcher
Tom Papworth Will Money
Stuart Cross Stu Morrison
Keith Curtis Will Smith
Luke Fowler Ewan Lloyd
Lindy Flavell Ollie Weaver
Leigh Clemence Tom Clarke
Dick Cook Susan Hicks
Josh Rawle Matt Hutton
Steve Jenkins Laurence Taylor
Frazer Cooper Steve Mace
Barry Aylett -Warner Keiran Mullind
Colin Smith Paul Harris
Sue Carruthers Danny O'Shea
Daniel Reading Tom Thorpe
Rich Sutton Karl Prichard
Cancelled + apology
No Show